Local Affiliate Meet-ups

There has been new surge in local area affiliate meetings. These are a great place for affiliates, new and experienced to get together and share ideas and experiences, without feeling intimidated or the expense by going to big conferences and not really knowing anyone. With the local meet-ups you get to know someone that does the same thing you do and are local, plus it gets you out of the house for a little bit and maybe even get some new ideas in your head.

Wes and Steve from Prosper/Tracking 202 have started several new meet-up groups throughout the United States and now some places outside the US. Check out Meetup202 for locations near you.

I am now in charge of the Seattle Meet-up along with Edward Jiang. We are having a meet-up this Saturday at 2:30PM at the Barnes and Noble in University District. For more info visit:

Other upcoming affiliate meet-ups are:

New Jersey on October 18th Ian Fernando, organizing and leading this meet-up group.

St. Louis on October 21st

LA on November 15th

Check them out!

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