Going to SMX Advanced Next Week

Next Tuesday and Wednesday I will be attending SMX Advanced in Seattle.

I really like the way the changed some things up, this year they have some additional workshops that if you just get an expo pass (free until day of show) that you can attend.

Here is a list of those tracks:


Jane and Robots Presents: SEO Overview for Developers

Google Presents: Dive Deep into the new AdWords interface

Facebook Ads: Reaching Prospects Earlier In The Decision Cycle


Live Search? Kumo?? The Next Generation of Search from Microsoft
(Which I guess now will be all about Bing!)

Omniture Presents: How to Incorporate Deeper Metrics and Optimization Technologies into Your SEM Efforts Using Omniture’s Online Marketing Suite

Believe it or not these tracks really interest me and that is why I just got the expo pass only. Also Goolge, MSN, Ask.com, and Facebook, (plus others) will all have booths there and those are the ones I am most interested in speaking to one on one.

If you’re going hit me up on Twitter or leave a comment here and we can get together.

See ya there!

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