Affiliate Summit West 2010 Day 1

I started out day one by hitting up a couple of sessions.

First up was Effective Social Media Techniques. I was really disappointed in the session I picked up a couple of pointers, but nothing ground breaking. Brett Tabke of WebmasterWorld and the PubCon conference had a case study of what they were doing and that was pretty interesting, except he was flying through his PowerPoint slides and there was hardly any time to write down anything.

Rebecca Kelly gave a funny presentation as always. Other than that, pretty boring.

Next up was the Monetizing Blogs for Affiliate Marketing and SEO. This session could have been so much better and talking with a couple others they were saying the same thing. They spent way too much time talking about the WordPress and the install and what plug-ins to use. I thing people went there already had blogs up and running and they were looking how to expand the advertising and SEO tactics, but this session fell well short of the session’s goal.

Then it was time to hit meet market and walked into the first Meet Market room and the room was small and packed and I thought the room was going to be larger than the ASE09, come to find out there was another room. Unfortunately it was way out of the way from the first room. But headed there and that room was like 10 times the size. The larger room was well laid out and was well attended. It was nice that you could actually walk around without touching everyone. Visited we a few people and that was about it.

After hanging out in the Meet Market for just a little bit I head to lunch with Bethany, my Bloosky affiliate manger. After a great lunch at All-American I headed back up to the room to do some work and then get ready for the Share-A-Sale party, which in all my times attending Affiliate Summit I have never been to a Share-A-Sale party before.

So finally made it down to Share-A-Sale party and I was a little disappointed, because everyone that told me about their parties that they were cool and not loud, and more for networking. But I was a little shocked about how loud it was (maybe I’m getting old) But the music that was being played was pretty cool. At the party I finally got to meet Jamie Birch of JEB Commerce, and we talked for a little bit and one of his clients was there, so I had chance to talk with him also and I think we will be doing some business together real soon.

I hung out and played a little bit of Blackjack at the party with a few folks, then after that I headed back to my room to get some work done and got a call from Logan Thompson who just got back from Ian’s dinner and decided to head downstairs to the iBar and grabbed a couple drinks. After just a couple I was dead beat and headed to bed.

Day 2, coming tomorrow.

Why another blog about forums? Great question, we are just a couple of forum owners who have built ours forums from the ground-up. We just wanted a blog for real life forum owners, with real life experiences.

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