*This is not for the mobile suite app, this is for the premium mobile style I love vBadvanced and use it on a couple of my forums. But there is one thing that bothers me, it doesn't look good on a mobile phone when using [...]

A Week to Forget

Last week was one of those weeks that, let’s just say the weather sucked! I had a great list of things to do and all my plans were coming together nicely. Then Mother Nature turned into a bitch! On Monday it wasn't too bad, maybe [...]

My 2011 Thank You’s to….

Besides my family, there are some people I would like to thank for a great year and looking forward to continuing to work with them next year.. To Eric Nagel – Who has helped me automate more and more of my business this year and [...]

Sorry Guys I scheduled this post for the wrong day, DOH! As you saw in my post the other day about vBulletin and AOL emails fiasco. How do I uncheck all the “Receive Emails from Administrators” without searching the entire AOL and removing them one [...]

vBulletin, AOL emails and My Troubles

For years I know that vBulletin and most other forum software programs have had issues with sending emails to AOL, whether it is registration emails, PM emails, newsletters, etc. So let me tell you about my issues that happen to me on Friday morning right [...]