A couple weeks ago I showed you how to add Goolge Adsense to your vBulletin Mobile Sytle. I got an email from someone looking to add Adsense between the first and last post in a thread. So I’m happy to share how to do it [...]

One thing that bothers me and some of my members when using the vBulletin mobile style is that you have to do 2 taps (clicks) to see if any new posts have been made; you have to click on the grid button and then the [...]

ForumCon is Back for 2012

This year it will be once again in San Francisco, this time at the Hotel Kabuki on June 12th. I was wanting to go to Chicago last year, but my schedule just wouldn't allow for it. This year I'm really thinking about going. Since it's [...]

In the past couple of days I’ve been playing around with vBulletin’s Premium Mobile Style and adding ads here and there. Currently I am testing it out Adsense for Mobile Content. Adding the ads is pretty easy, In your admincp got to your mobile style [...]

Convert All Caps to Lower Case in Word

I received an email from someone this past weekend about making all caps to regular text in Microsoft Word. Since they saw my post on how to do it in Excel, they figured I might know how to in Word (I Do). It’s much easier [...]