For some time now I have wanted to build a mobile vBulletin powered page for my mobile style and I finally succeeded after a few hours of messing around with it. It took a little bit of time, but I hope it helps you out. [...]

Screw You March! TGI April

March was one of the worst months for me with things that happened with my business. It all started on a sunny Saturday morning… Screw that! The first week of March someone hack into our Paypal account and tried withdrawal $1000.00 from our linked checking [...]

The other day Joe from BlackBerry Os left a comment on another post about adding ads to the mobile style and wanted to know how to ad an advertisement above the logo in the vBulletin Mobile Style. So I thought I would so a post [...]

This is pretty interesting... LOS ANGELES, CA, Mar 07, 2012 - Internet Brands today announced the acquisition of Forum Runner ( ), a mobile application that allows forum users to interact with online communities from mobile devices. Forum Runner will operate as part of [...]

Seattle Affiliate Meet-up at HasOffers

One of my buddies Ian Fernando is coming to Seattle next week and has put together a meet-up next Tuesday, March 13th at HasOffers offices in Seattle at 5:00PM. So come out and meet Ian, myself and the HasOffers team and network with other entrepreneurs [...]