Weigh-in Wednesday Week 2

Oh Mom! Manicotti? Really?

This week has been a little rough, but I did alright.

We had a lot going on this week, on Friday I had to a new shed down to our cabin, on Saturday I was at the Meetup202 Seattle, on Sunday I was at my mom’s house, helping her pull out some old roots and some rhododendrons out of her yard. For lunch she made my favorite meal ever, manicotti! She didn’t know that I was on a diet and trying to lose weight; I did eat a couple and then went back out to work in her yard doing other things just to work off what I just ate.

Mom's Manacotti

So as you can see, it was a very busy week, although I didn’t exercise, besides the normal walking, with my diet I did lose some weight.

Starting weight: 251 Pounds
Last Week’s Weight: 248
Today’s weight: 245 Pounds
Lost: 3 Pounds
Total Lost: 6 Pounds

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