We Made it Through the Storm!

I want to thank all who have sent e-mails checking on us. I am just getting back up and running, so I will reply to them shortly.

As most of you may or may have not known we had a terrible windstorm up here in the Pacific Northwest on Thursday night going into Friday morning. At the height of the storm we had wind gust of up to 75 mph with sustain winds of 50 mph plus. Out on the coast they had sustained winds of 90 mph with gust topping 110+ mph.

We lost power at about 9:00 PM on Thursday night and our power was finally restored about 30 hours later, we are one of the lucky ones that got our power back. At the end of the winds, over 1 million households and business were without power, today there is still close to 500,000 without power. The temperatures have been very cold for the past couple of nights with last night’s dropping to about 25 degrees and the high is only supposed to be in the low 40’s today and going to possibly get colder overnight.

Lines to the gas stations that had power were 30-40 cars deep for each pump. Lines at the fast food and other restaurants that had power were almost 2 hours just to get your food. In some areas there are so many tree branches and debris that you couldn’t even see the asphalt pavement. In some other areas in took almost 3 hours to go about 2 miles. It has been crazy.

We survived pretty well, as I cooked out on a propane camping stove and we also cooked hamburgers on the barbecue. So all in all we made it through it okay.

None of mine or my wife’s family suffered any damage to our personnel property and everyone is okay. My sister’s house still does not have power, as well as my sister-in-law’s. They do not have any idea how long it will be, although they are staying with family till there power comes on.

This is all on top of what happened last Friday (12/09), were my 250 gallon fish tank sprung a leak and damaged the family room/office carpet, pad and sub floor, and a couple of computers and a lot of papers, so we were just cleaning this up with all this came.

It’s amazing what Mother Nature can hand out. All I can say is be prepared, we they announced that there was going to be a storm coming with winds like we haven’t seen in years, we got the supplies together and as soon as the power went out we were prepared.

Why another blog about forums? Great question, we are just a couple of forum owners who have built ours forums from the ground-up. We just wanted a blog for real life forum owners, with real life experiences.

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