My 7 year old son had a bike accident!

On Friday evening my son was out riding his bike around the neighborhood and decided that he would attempt to take his bike over a ramp that a neighborhood kid built.

Well he made it over the jump but fell off of his bike and punctured his right leg very badly, on what he punctured it on we are not sure, but so bad you could see all the way to his bone. Yuck, I know!

So we rushed him to the hospital to get it looked at, they did all sorts of things to him to see how bad it was. They took x-rays, cleaned it out about 3 times, they even had to shoot some blue dye in his leg to see if there was any joint damage and luckily there was not. This was one of their biggest things that they were worried about, again thank god there was not any damage.

After spending close to 6 hours at the hospital we were all physically and emotionally wrecked. You never want to see your child in that much pain that he endured. You always state that you would gladly change positions with any of your kids when they get hurt, but I don’t know if I could even go through what he went through.

Today he is up and walking more and more and gladly he will be alright.

And Yes! He was wearing his helmet; we never ever let him ride anything without one.

The luckiest part of the story that the jump was going from the street to the grass, I couldn’t even imagine what would have happened if it was all in the street.

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