Affiliate Fat Blogging Week 11

Another pound down! I was gone most of the last weekend heading to Long Beach with the family. It’s about a 3 1/2 hour trip, we kinda of planned it on a whim and I really didn’t get a chance to pack the right food to take with us.

At Long Beach this past weekend they had a sandcastle building contest. The kids loved it, but my wife and I were a little disappointed. From seeing pictures from the past few years we thought it was going to be huge. There were tons of people, but hardly any good sandcastles.

Here are 2 of our favorites:

Long Beach, WA Sandcastle

Long Beach, WA Sandcastle

Starting Weight: 251 Pounds
Last Week’s Weight: 234.5
Today’s Weight: 233.5 Pounds
Lost: 1 Pounds
Total Lost: 17 1/2 Pounds

Why another blog about forums? Great question, we are just a couple of forum owners who have built ours forums from the ground-up. We just wanted a blog for real life forum owners, with real life experiences.

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