A Couple of My Mid-Term Questions

We are still in dos and currently performing loops, breaks and continue statements.

So here are a couple of my C# questions from my mid term

1. Use a menu and a switch statement. Write a program that ask the user to enter a month (1 for January, 2 for February, etc.) then display how many days in the month. For February, display 28 or 29 days

2. Request 3 integer values X, Y, and Z. If X is greater than either one of them, increment Y and Z, and decrement X, however if X is smaller then both of them, then swap Y and Z.

A couple off the practice test:

Request 3 values X, Y, and Z. If Y is greater than the sum of X and Z, or if Z is greater than X, add half the sum of X and Z to Y, increment X and add 2 to Z. If Z is less or equal X and Y is positive, juts increment Z by and swap X and Y. Otherwise half X, double Y, and X and Y to Z. Display all values.

Confused? Here’s another one:

Request 3 values X, Y, and Z. If the sum of Y and Z is greater than X and X is less than 200, then add X to Z and subtract X from Y, otherwise square X, cube Y and take the square root of Z. Display X, Y, and Z.

Have fun!

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