My Top 5 MyBB Plug-ins.

I have used the MyBB forum software since I started administrating forums and a reason why I use their software is their simplicity of plug-ins. It’s so easy to install and configure plug-ins you could teach your dog how to do it. (Disclaimer: Figure of speech;Don’t let your dog do your work ;)). Anyway here is five, must have plug-ins for your MyBB forum.

Google SEO Mod
This is probably the best MyBB plug-in available. I have used this in all my forums and widely recommend it.

What it does :-

  • It creates dynamic meta descriptions for you forums and threads.
  • Creates a dynamic site map for your forum for easier search engine crawling access.
  • Custom 404 Pages
  • Creates static urls by replacing the normal dynamic url (showthread.php=id)

This mod, in my opinion is the best mod out there.

Contact Form 3.0
Note: to get this plug-in you have to be a subscriber to which I recommend you do as it is very cheap and you then have access to really great plug-ins. Last time I checked it was $10 for a lifetime membership, more than worth it. Anyway Contact Form replaces the standard mailto: to a nice form with five or six different options for your forum members to contact you about different situations. Keeps everything nice and clean in your inbox.

The Minimum Posts Suite
Another plug-in where you have to be a subscriber of MyBB central to download. This plug-in puts a minimum requirement of posts on creating signatures and sending mails ect. You can set the limit to what every you want. This stops people signing up to your forum just to put a link in their signature or abuse your mailing system.

My Ad Manager
This plug-in also requires you to be a subscriber to MyBB Central to download (This is why I really recommend MyBB forum users to subscribe, you have access to great plug-ins.) It places an ad of your choice in the header, footer and the one which I like about his plug-in is the ability to place ads inline with posts. This means that the plug-in allows you to display ads after a amount of posts. Which is great for high traffic forums.

MYPS is a points based system which allows users to gain points by posting or creating useful threads. You could then add a shop of some sort to let users buy products with their points. If this is set up correctly then this can really be effective on increasing activity as it gives your members a goal.

These are just a few of some great plug-ins which can be used to increase the effectiveness and popularity of your MyBB forum.

Do you use these plug-ins? Do you like these plug-ins? Would you recommend other plug-ins? Post a comment and tell us about it we would love to hear.

All the Best,

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  • Emperor July 24, 2010, 3:54 pm

    Good list.

    • Glen July 24, 2010, 3:58 pm

      Thanks. I am glad you liked the list.

  • web hosting March 13, 2011, 7:59 pm

    I would definitely agree with the first plugin!