SQL Query to Remove “Receive Emails from Administrators” in vBulletin

Sorry Guys I scheduled this post for the wrong day, DOH!

As you saw in my post the other day about vBulletin and AOL emails fiasco. How do I uncheck all the “Receive Emails from Administrators” without searching the entire AOL and removing them one by one?

First I did a search in my AdminCp, just to see how many would be affected and this forum it was 225 users with AOL email addresses.

So how do you “bulk” uncheck the “Receive Emails from Administrators”, you can run a SQL query in the vBulletin AdminCp.

****FIRST Back-up your data, always do this! (Also I’m not responsible for data loss)

UPDATE user SET options=options - 16 WHERE options & 16 AND email LIKE "%@aol.%";

And this will uncheck all AOL emails. In less than 15 seconds I was done and hopefully no more issues.

On this week’s Forum Advice Friday, I’m going to post a question to you about the “Receive Emails from Administrators” and looking forward to hearing from you and your thoughts

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