Motivation? Easy. Choose A Forum In Your Favourite Niche

As I mentioned in my last blog post in order for a forum to take off it has to have many factors, one of the main factors is constantly updated quality content. It’s those words again. I know, I know but they are the most important words that you will hear when you first start a forum.

Now in order to keep the motivation to update your forum with quality content there is only one simple solution. Choose a forum that you enjoy talking about. Choose a forum that you enjoy reading about. Choose a forum that you enjoy discussing about. If you can honestly say that you can tick those three check boxes then starting your forum will just have become much easier. You will be able to keep your forum updated with quality content therefore you will increase the chance of that visitor becoming a member.

Another motivational technique to use that will help you to keep your board constantly updated quality content would be to read other people’s success stories. Reading other people’s administrating adventures inspires you to build your community up. It inspires you to keep adding content so that your board becomes a success just like the stories that you read.

One more way to keep your motivation would be to set your self some goals. Now there is a great program for this, Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows you to set yourself goals depending on the amount of visitors you receive. If you set yourself goals it will give you something to aim for, something to want to achieve. Once you reach your goal then set yourself another goal then reward yourself. Examples would be go down to the pub and get a few pints in 😉
You could also set goals depending on the number of posts, threads or members but it’s important to reward your self with a treat.

These is just a few motivational techniques to help you get through the rough times of being a forum administrator.

Happing Board Administering!

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