Methods To Stop Spam – Forum Edition

I always worry about spam and spammers when I first start a forum. Its probably because I have seen so many other webmasters fall victim to spamming. I myself do not support spamming or enjoy it at all. So, through my years of experience I have found several ways to either slow done spammers or almost stop them completely.

  • 1) Captcha or Recaptcha on registration
  • Since most spammers are just automated bots built for your forum software, then adding a Captcha or Recaptcha field basically confuses the bot. This is one way to prevent most spam bots from victimizing your forum.

  • 2) Extra Required Fields
  • Adding an extra field that is required is another way to prevent spam. As, most bots are set to fill in only email, username, and other basic required fields. Adding your own personal field like “Favorite Band” will prevent the bot from signing up.

  • 3) Wait Time
  • This function comes with almost every forum software currently out there. It allows you to set a certain time to where a member can has to wait a specific time in between posts. It will allow you to control spam easier if you are under attack. I wouldn’t recommend setting it too high, as it could make some of your members a little cranky.

  • 4) Askimet
  • Like WordPress, some forum software have started to implement Askimet into their coding. This will definitely help as it will prevent some of the top spammers from posting on your forum. The only problem that I have found, is that “true” members are sometimes prevented from posting. This has only occurred when the members were posting either to fast or having links in their posts.

  • 5)
  • – My favorite and highly recommended!

    Stop lists all the latest reported forum spammers by IP and Alias. Its list is huge! There is also modifications provided that will prevent spammers from signing up under a Russian email and will scan the list of to see if they have been reported. If they have, then they will not be able to sign up.

    So, those are the methods I have used to prevent forum spam. I have also used Email Verification in the Past, but some members did not receive the emails. So, what are your methods of stopping forum spam?

    Why another blog about forums? Great question, we are just a couple of forum owners who have built ours forums from the ground-up. We just wanted a blog for real life forum owners, with real life experiences.

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    • orc_dragoon March 29, 2010, 9:02 pm

      Yes, Hiring a moderator in another timezone would be good. Its just hard to do these days, as well…their in another timezone so it would be hard to communicate with them.