Keeping Your Forum Members Inline With Your Forum

Having a well disciplined forum is a very hard task to achieve. But the rewards are more than satisfying. The discussions will become much more constructive and much more friendly. A great vibe around your forum and you will see your forum much more active.

Have a Clear Set Of Forum Rules

Make sure you forum rules are well written and that they are very clear. Rule breakers and rebels will do anything not to get punishments and look for every hole in your forum rules. Don’t give them an excuse.

Make Sure Your Discipline System in Functional

Make sure that you have a proper discipline system on your forum and make sure that it is fair and strict. It’s important you find the right balance in order to achieve the right balance out of your members. This exactly the reason why I love vBulletin.

Ditch The Robot Personality

Show that you, as an admin, that are not power hungry and a robot. Try and participate in threads and show your human side. Members love an active admin especially ones that participate in the forum. This also makes infractions/warnings slide over much more easier.

Don’t be a Hardass (Show a Softer Side)

Use reverse psychology. For some reason, especially in teens they love to break rules and love being punishment. I know in a forum I used to participate in people were having contests in order who could gather the most infractions. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Please note though, this technique only works in some cases.

What’s Your Say?

How do you keep your members in line within the forum? Post your comments below I would love to hear your thoughts.

Why another blog about forums? Great question, we are just a couple of forum owners who have built ours forums from the ground-up. We just wanted a blog for real life forum owners, with real life experiences.

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  • Jonas September 10, 2010, 10:17 pm

    I like this post 🙂

  • Lungenemphysem April 1, 2011, 1:42 pm

    Hi! I think, there must be rules in a forum, otherwise it would be very chaotic inside. But too many rules are not good, it makes the people stop writing and stop feeling ‘at home’.