IB (vBulletin) Files Suit Against Xenforo

Read some very interesting news today. Internet Brands, the owners of vBulletin have filed a lawsuit against Kier, Mike, and Ashley; the developers of the new and upcoming Xenforo forum software.

I’m really surprised that they announced it in public. But then again the timing of the announcement is even more interesting to me, since Xenforo was going to start selling their early adapters beta version later this month, possibly starting this week.

I’m been following the development of the software, but not as close as a lot of others. I don’t have any plans to purchase Xenforo, but if I was thinking about it, this announcement of the lawsuit would for sure make me think about purchasing it.

So for those who are thinking about buying XenForo, will this lawsuit stop you from buying?

You can read the announcement here

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