How to Disable vBadvanced When Using vBulletin Mobile Style

*This is not for the mobile suite app, this is for the premium mobile style

I love vBadvanced and use it on a couple of my forums. But there is one thing that bothers me, it doesn’t look good on a mobile phone when using the vBulletin premium mobile style.

On one of my forums I wanted to skip the vBadvanced homepage and go directly to the forum itself. Here is how I did it:

Go into your AdminCP and click on the Styles & Templates section and click on your Mobile Style (don’t do this on your main site), click on edit templates and find the adv_portal, this should be located under the vBadvanced CMPS Templates.

Remove all the code and replace with:

{vb:stylevar htmldoctype}
<html dir="{vb:stylevar textdirection}" lang="{vb:stylevar languagecode}" xmlns="">

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=forum.php">


This will redirect all mobile users to your forum itself when using the vBulletin Mobile Style.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Make sure you always back up your forum before doing any changes to your site.!

Why another blog about forums? Great question, we are just a couple of forum owners who have built ours forums from the ground-up. We just wanted a blog for real life forum owners, with real life experiences.

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