Forum Advice Friday #2

Question: Should I start a forum based on a TV show?


There are a few things you need to think of when starting up a TV forum.

Although I like the idea of a forum based on a TV show, you need to ask yourself do you want to invest not only the time, but the money to start up a forum based on a show that maybe will only last a season or two.

What will you do during the off-season to keep the forums going and what about when the show ends? Remember Lost? I saw so many forums based on the show do really well and now they are all closed down or completely dead.

A lot of shows now-a-days come and go, even those that received critical acclaim. I would rather see a forum built around a network or even a genre of shows, for instance those that appear on HBO or Showtime only for example. This way the forum stays alive and you can still have topics on the shows in the past and still will have topics for the future.

The same can be said for starting a forum based around one electronic item, say an Apple Ipad, or a the latest Android Phone.

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