8 Ways To Absolutely Kill Your Forum

Killing your forum is so much easier than making it survive on the internet.  There is so many ways to kill your forum therefore I have listed 8 tactics you should avoid when running your forum to give it the best chance of success.

  1. Poor Moderation. One of the biggest forum killers is poor forum moderation.  A lot of forums are littered with spam therefore turning away visitors and members.  No one wants to be in a forum which has spam everywhere.  To avoid this make sure you hire a moderator or two to clean up the spam and allow spam in specific forums such as Off-Topic.
  2. Using Pay to Post Schemes. I wrote a post on how to pay to Post Schemes ruin your forums credibility.  The posts that they create will be not related and the prices are usually extortionate.  There are plenty of ways to get posts on your forum without paying for them.  STAY AWAY!
  3. Not promoting your forum. Another big killer is not promoting your forum.  In order for the forum to grow it needs exposure, traffic and nine times out of ten you will not get that by doing zilch promoting.  Create a Twitter, Facebook, post on blogs and on forums and you will start to pick up some traffic in no time.
  4. Not tracking traffic statistics. It’s important to revise your traffic stats on a regular basis.  You need to know what methods of promotion are working and which are not.  You don’t want to be running a forum where NO visitors are coming do you?
  5. Poor security. How many times have I seen a forum AdminCP been taken over due too poor security?  Too many is the answer.  Make sure you have complex passwords and that your forum software is up to date to prevent hackers from exploiting security holes.
  6. Not using a team when appropriate. When a forum becomes very large it is important to start to hire people to take over certain jobs on the forum.  Doing it alone at this stage of the forums life will become demotivating, stressful and you will want to give up.  Hire moderators to take care of spam and hire another forum admin to handle other aspects of administration.
  7. Banning everyone. Don’t swing you ban hammer vigorous.  That’s why I love vBullietin’s Warning/Infraction system because it usually only takes a warning or infraction for people to step back in line.  Banning everyone is very silly because it can easily be avoided.  You will lose your forums reputation and credibility if you have more members in the banned group than members group.
  8. Blackhat SEO schemes. Please…Please…Please…don’t try any Blackhat SEO schemes.  You will more and likely get caught by Google and then banned and your site removed from the index.  Majority of your traffic will most likely come from Search Engines such as Google, you don’t want to make them unhappy.

Eight methods to absolutely kill your forum.  Stay away from these methods and your forum will have more chance of being a success.

What’s Your Say?

Are you guilty of any of these tactics? Do you have any more too add to the list? Post below, I would love to hear your comments.

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