Social Media

The Best Out of Office AutoReply Ever!

On Sunday I sent out a newsletter for one of my sites, since it's industry related I always get a few out of the office auto-replies. I never read them, but for some reason I read this one and it's has to be the best [...]

So Did You Get Yours?

As many of you know Facebook opened their customized (vanity) URLs on Saturday at 12:01 AM Eastern. Well I didn’t get mine,, but I was able to get What is interesting is that it said my name was not available, but yet it [...]

Some Misc. Ramblings 3/23/08

My first week Twitter Experience Well I was very skeptical, okay curious at first about joining Twitter, but so far its actually been pretty fun. There are a lot of the big bloggers and affiliate marketing names on there. I am only really following a [...]