Marketing & Advertising

I recently read an article in Deliver Magazine that 62% off American households own a pet, of those 65% own a dog. The estimated dollars spent in the US on pets in 2009, was a staggering 45.5 Billion! And it’s said to only to rise [...]

Google Launches Ad Manager (Beta)

Google Ad Manager is a new solution to have your ads hosted; it’s very similar to OpenX, formally known as OpenAds and before that PhpAdsNew before their second round of funding this year. I love OpenX, knowing that it’s running on my server and I [...]

Openads Announces Hosted Version

Yesterday OpenAds announced that at the end of January they will start rolling out a hosted version of their great product. I have been using Openads on my server for over 2 years now and absolutely I love it, I use it to run almost [...]