Methods To Stop Spam – Blog Edition

Just like a forum, a blog receives its own fair amount of spam. "Is there a real way to stop it?" Kinda, there are ways to reduce spam, but there is no absolute way to stop it. There are a lot of plugins and methods [...]

My Interview With Chris Guthrie

For those looking for my Share A Sale ThinkTank review, well due to some stupidity on my part I need to rewrite it. Don’t ask. In the mean time, check out my interview I did on Chris Guthrie’s blog here Chris is a good friend [...]

Yep, that's right. I am pretty disappointed with the latest round of Wordpress. "Why?" you may ask. Well, I do appreciate the time and efforts that were put into the development; I can also say that it took a lot longer than I thought this [...]

WordPress 2.5 is Released! Yes!!

I was so looking forward to this release. There are a tons of new and improved things, I can't wait to update, I will be doing that later today. One of the main reasons of holding off on installing my new theme I was waiting [...]