Book Review: Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker

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About a year ago or so my good friend Logan turned me onto Chris Ducker’s blog about outsourcing, after I was introduced to him, I started listening to his podcast and have ever since. Chris currently has 2 separate podcast, The New Business Podcast and the Virtual Freedom Podcast

Chris is known as the “Virtual CEO”

A couple weeks ago I excited to receive my copy of his new book, Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business.

I loved it so much I read it in a total of two nights.

In the book he writes all about the step by step process of hiring a VA (Virtual Assistants) and others to help your business grow and make time for you to run your business, instead of the business running you.

To start off with, I have Superhero Syndrome!

What is superhero syndrome? It’s the “I must do everything myself to be successful

Not only do I do it with my business; I also do it in my personal & home life. Unfortunately I can’t hire a virtual assistant to help me around the house. But it’s comes to that old adage, if you want it done right do it yourself. I was raised that way and still have that mentality. But after reading this book and learning about the way I was communicating projects and tasks, maybe it was me.

Chris starts right off the book about how he got started and then how burnout set in. We have all be there burning the midnight oil and thinking we can do everything ourselves. I’ve done it and still do it.

Then comes the of why hire a virtual assistant and the myth’s that come with it, but also how they can help you. Some things you may have never thought of.

Then comes the 3 Lists to Freedom. What are the 3:

– Tasks you don’t like doing
– Tasks you don’t know how to do
– Tasks you feel you shouldn’t be doing

He ask you to write them down, be honest with yourself, I know I learned a lot from doing this.

And then its information galore on how to hire your first virtual assistant all the way up to hiring app developers.

In the book, he also has no less than 9 separate case studies from those who have built their business using a virtual assistants, several Freedom Spotlights, and lots of action plans on how to build your own business, along with tons of resources, websites, and software/ tools to use to make your business run smoothly.

One of my favorite chapters of the book are Chapter 6, The Case Content and Chapter 7, Time to Get Started.

In Chapter 6, Chris writes about delivering clear and concise massages. People are searching online for their or someone they knows problems; may it be a health problem, a financial problem, or how to build a website using WordPress, etc. If you start posting and delivering an solutions to their problems, they are going to come to you for the answer. In this chapter, he list several action plans for yourself and your VA; from creating a blog post to videos.

Chapter 7 He list and gives you a 6 month action plan, from using all the materials from the book and steps to start building your team.

Virtual Freedom is a must read for anyone in business. Maybe you’re not looking to hire now, but what about 3 months from now or a year from now? This book will also help you hire and manage for those one off projects.

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