Test, Test, Test, But Just Not Your Landing Pages

I hear a lot of people talk about testing your landing pages and the like. This is great and highly recommended to do. But one thing most people don’t talk about is all your links. Making sure your affiliate links, privacy policy and your disclosure links all work and go to the appropriate pages.

The reason I am bring this up is not long ago I was guilty of this. It was late and all I was concerned about was getting my site up and not paying attention to the links. Well the next morning I found out most of my links were not link correctly. It only takes a couple of minutes and can save you money in the long run.

One of my favorites programs I use to test my links is SitemapDoc – Google Sitemap Generator and Editor

This program will not only check your links it will also create a Google sitemap (duh). Its free, simple and I recommend using it every time you get a new site up and running.

Do you have any recommended programs to use?

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