Some Misc. Ramblings 3/23/08

My first week Twitter Experience

Well I was very skeptical, okay curious at first about joining Twitter, but so far its actually been pretty fun. There are a lot of the big bloggers and affiliate marketing names on there. I am only really following a select few and those I know personally. I don’t need to get overrun with tons of tweets.

People have said give it 90 days to really kick in, so I am giving it all 90. You can follow me on Twitter and see what it’s about! Se ya there!

It’s not to late for a Mother’s Day Campaign

If you haven’t started already it’s not too late to get a site up and running for Mother’s Day coming up on May 11th. This weekend will be the big push to get your PPC campaign going. I know I am just finishing my new site and will be running by tomorrow.

The Seahawks release Shaun Alexander

Well I knew this day would be coming. After taking his physical yesterday the Seahawks released him. Talk about a fall from the top. In 2005 after scoring a then record 28 rushing touchdowns and leading the league with over 1800 rushing yards, leading the team to the SuperBowl and winning the MVP. The next 2 years he has played in only 32 games, rushed for a little over 1200 yards and scored 12 touchdowns.

I wish Shaun well and he brought a lot of faith to the community and he will be missed!

Why another blog about forums? Great question, we are just a couple of forum owners who have built ours forums from the ground-up. We just wanted a blog for real life forum owners, with real life experiences.

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