New Site: LP Templates Landing Pages

My buddy Ryan Royal has started a new site LP Templates. I’ve known Ryan for over 4 years now and he is a stand up guy and that’s why I wanted to tell you about his new site.

Ryan is selling some great landing page templates all for under $15.00 each. Right now he has 6 landing pages up, with more coming soon. Up now there are ecards, dating, college offers, and a couple others. He will only be selling 10 of each design, so you’re not going to see them everywhere.

So if you’re just starting out or just looking for some new landing pages check his site out.

Why another blog about forums? Great question, we are just a couple of forum owners who have built ours forums from the ground-up. We just wanted a blog for real life forum owners, with real life experiences.

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  • Eric Nagel August 14, 2008, 10:54 am

    I bought the marketing graphics from him last week and am happy with the product & price. I’ll be split-testing different versions in my site to see if they help with conversions.

  • Ryan Royal August 14, 2008, 11:22 am

    Thanks for the good word, James!

    And glad you like the graphics Eric 🙂