My opinion of eComXpo

As I said earlier I was going to check out the eComXpo for the first time and I must say it was pretty interesting to say the least.

The first thing I have to say is that it is very confusing when and where you have to sign in to attend the show, it took me a little bit to find out where to log in. When I did log in on the home page, it told me that the show had expired. What? It just started!

So I finally read my e-mail and used the link in the e-mail to log into the show.

Overall impressions is that the show’s floor plan is very well laid out and easy to navigate. I pretty much knew where I needed to go most of the time.

Once I went to the exhibition hall I went to visit some of the people I knew and drop them a quick chat, to my surprise most of the booths were left unattended, why would you sign up to exhibit and not have someone there? On the booths that I did visit I was instantly asked to chat with someone from the company, sometimes by multiple people.

Overall it wasn’t a very productive show, although I did make some new contacts. Along with a bunch of spammy messages from other attendees.

Some complaints I do have is that, I wish that had it where you could read a small bio on the company without visiting the booth, a couple companies I thought were CPA networks or other related companies, were not.

The other HUGE thing was I wish they would have stopped sending me e-mails that the show is open. After I signed in and visited for a little while, I must received at least a half dozen e-mails telling me the show is open. No Duh!

Maybe next year I will be like Zac Johnson, sign in, enter my name in all the drawings and sign out and hope I win something.

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