Must Read Magazines for Affiliate Marketers

A lot of people talk about what blogs to read, what forums read, and what newsletters to subscribe to. I wanted to share some of the magazines that are must reads for affiliate marketers.

So here are a couple of my recommendations:

Revenue Magazine – Where the focus is everything about online marketing, including key business strategies, innovative marketing methods, effective online advertising techniques, emerging advertising trends in technology and much more.

You can get a free subscription here.

BtoB – Every issue of BtoB is filled with the game-changing strategies and tactics B2B marketers need to exceed. Every page is packed with substance news, cases, special reports, technologies, benchmarks, best practices served up by the most knowledgeable B2B marketing journalists to ever work this burgeoning beat.

You can get a subscription here.

FeedFront is the official magazine of Affiliate Summit. The magazine is dedicated to bringing ideas, resources, and opinions from Internet marketing innovators to you before your next project or venture.

You can get a free subscription here.

Successful Promotions is a one-of-a-kind promotional products magazine. This is a great magazine if you’re looking for that unique gift or give away at your next trade show or as prizes on your blog or forums.

Subscriptions are available online at different magazine stores, although most do not carry it anymore.

So what magazines or publications do you read or recommend?

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