Leave Neutral Feedback on eBay Get Sued for 10K

Last night I was watching the news were a Seattle man was sued for $10,000, that’s right 10K for not leaving negative feed back, but neutral feedback.

Steve Shellhorn was sued for $10,000 by an eBay seller who sold him some coins.

Shellhorn bought some Morgan silver dollars from a man in North Carolina. The price was fair, but Shellhorn says the coins were packed poorly.

“The coins were hanging out of the envelope, loose, with no packing whatsoever around them,” he said.

The seller wanted feedback. Shellhorn couldn’t honestly say the deal was good or bad so he took the middle ground.

So next thing you know he was sued for the 10K, but the judge in North Carolina had a wake up call and did just recently threw the case out.

Makes you think what he would have sued for if he had left negative feedback. It’s a crazy world we live in now-a-days.

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