Affiliate Marketers Gave Back!

This weekend Missy Ward and a team of affiliates, affiliate companies and some others completed the 60-Mile 3 Day Walk for The Susan G. Komen Cure for Cancer in Seattle.

On Friday afternoon my daughter and I went down to the course and cheered on Missy and the rest of the team, as well as all the other walkers. I have to tell you I was in awe of all the participants (all 3200 of them). I only hope that we gave the walkers some motivation and our cheers only made them want to finish strong.

I wanted to say congrats to the team and I know that they are very very sore today. I know Missy possibly has a stress fracture and Jan Fluker may have a broken finger. But under these conditions they kept going. You Gals (and Guys) Rocked!!!!

The team raised close to $50,000 for the cure and their hopes are even higher for next year.

So kudas to Missy Ward of Affiliate Summit , Jen Goode from, Angel Djambazov Jones Soda & PopShops, Laura Przybek of, Debby Phillips and Jen Fluker from Market Leverage, Lisa Riolo , Karen Garcia of and Irene & Tiffany Spaulding of along with their sponsors and all those who donated.

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