About Me

My name is James Seligman, known to some as Demojames on the forums. I currently own and run several different forums from Demolition to Music and a couple in between.

I started running forums in late 2005, by starting a Demolition Forum for the industry.

Why a demolition forum?

I started with this forum is due to a demolition site that I visited for awhile shut their forums down due to spam and they didn’t have the time to control it. After they shut down, I was contacted by several members of the prior forum that I should start one due to the fact that I was a very active poster over there. So in late 2005 we got started.

My plans were never to make money on forums, but to do it as a hobby, well within 2 weeks of starting my first forum I was contacted by 3 private advertisers would wanted to buy a years worth of advertising on the forum and I thought I can get my hosting paid for and make a little money on the side. Cool!

So now fast forward to 2007, my plans were never to own more than 1 forum or any websites for that matter, now I manage and own over 25 domains and I am always looking to add all the time.

So there you go, just a little bit about me and how I got started in forums.


More about my quest with Affiliate Marketing coming soon!