September 2011

Sorry Guys I scheduled this post for the wrong day, DOH! As you saw in my post the other day about vBulletin and AOL emails fiasco. How do I uncheck all the “Receive Emails from Administrators” without searching the entire AOL and removing them one [...]

vBulletin, AOL emails and My Troubles

For years I know that vBulletin and most other forum software programs have had issues with sending emails to AOL, whether it is registration emails, PM emails, newsletters, etc. So let me tell you about my issues that happen to me on Friday morning right [...]

Convert All Caps Text to Proper Case in Excel

Lately I have been downloading a lot of datafeeds where all the titles of the products are in all CAPS, why do merchants do this? So how do you change all caps to normal fonts without using search and replace? The easiest way to do [...]

Forum Advice Friday #5

Should I add chat box to my forum? I’m a big believer in letting the forum be your "chat box". There isn't any reason to add another place that members should chat; all chat should be on the forum itself. One thing you can to [...]