August 2011

Selecting A Forum Topic

So you have decided that you are going to start a forum? That is a big step that a lot of people have made lately. It seems that discussion forums are more popular than they have ever been. I attribute this to the fact that [...]

ForumCon – Are You Going?

What is ForumCon: DEVELOPING AND MONETIZING FORUMS AND COMMUNITIES ForumCon is a forum and communities conference that brings together leading brands, forum owners and community managers to explore strategies in forum and community development. During the one-day event, a team of renowned experts provides guidance [...]

Yes I’m Still Alive

I've received a few emails lately to see what’s been happening with me since I really haven’t been on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ a whole lot. So what have I've been doing? I've purchased over 75 sites, mostly from California Amazon affiliates. I've spent most [...]