March 2011

I recently read an article in Deliver Magazine that 62% off American households own a pet, of those 65% own a dog. The estimated dollars spent in the US on pets in 2009, was a staggering 45.5 Billion! And it’s said to only to rise [...]

To My New Affiliate Managers:

This is a follow-up to last week posts, Another AM Gone and also related to Logan Thompson's I Don't Read Your Newsletters I have 4 new affiliate managers in the past 2 months and not 1 has reached out to me. So to you, the [...]

Another Week, Another AM Gone

This weekend I received another email from yet another CPA affiliate manager who has left. This email comes on the heels that I have had no less than 6 other affiliate mangers leave in the past few months, not years, months. This does not count [...]