February 2011

Niche Site Challenge Update #2

Well 3 weeks into our challenge and I have officially launched 12 sites, 4 of them just this week. I plan on doing 3 more and I will be done. I have other projects that need my attention. Currently some of my sites are starting [...]

CSVPiG and Category Hierarchy

Lately I have been building out some datafeed sites using CSVPiG and Wordpress for the Niche Website Challenge. One of the frustrations that I’ve been having is utilizing the subcategories field and getting them to show up correctly. I have been just using the “main” [...]

Niche Website Challenge Update #1

Thought I would give a quick update on how I am doing in the challenge. The challenge started on February 1st, you can read more about what is going on here. So far I have built out 7 complete sites on my way to a [...]

Niche Website Challenge Has Started

Today we started the Niche Website Challenge. So what is this challenge about? Who is participating in it? The Niche Website Challenge is a “contest” of some affiliates, Chris Guthrie, Logan Thompson, Joe Sousa, and myself to see if we could build out some websites [...]