September 2010

YSM to MSN Adcenter

If you are using Yahoo Search Marketing have you started to make the transition to MSN Adcenter yet? I got the email about a week ago and I'm still a nervous about moving it over. I've never really been fan of AdCenter, although I do [...]

Finding People To Follow (Thanks to Google)

Google pretty much owns the web and they are expanding to different areas every day. So, what does the team have to bring us now? Well, as most know "Twitter" is becoming a thing of everyday life; finding people to follow is getting harder and [...]

Your Favourite Free Plug-in For Your Forum

Today I am taking a slightly a different approach to my post and basically I am asking you to write it. It can be anything from helping your administrative tasks to adding extra functionality to your forum. The only rule I ask you to keep [...]

First off I want to give a big thanks to Jonathan Volk and Epic Direct (formally known as Azoogle Ads) Friday I arrived on in LA on Friday afternoon and headed straight to the W Hotel in Westwood. The hotel was very eclectic and modern; [...]