July 2010

I have been browsing around AdminAddict and TheAdminZone forums, just looking in the threads for my daily browsing and I came across some great threads that I though you may be interested in/. This then spurred me on to create a list of topics that [...]

8 Ways To Absolutely Kill Your Forum

Killing your forum is so much easier than making it survive on the internet.  There is so many ways to kill your forum therefore I have listed 8 tactics you should avoid when running your forum to give it the best chance of success. Poor [...]

The iPhone and iTouch has become such a popular device. Most internet fanatics will have one just because it has become such a great gadget. You can surf the web, check your email, socially network and kill time by playing some games. The product is [...]

AdminAddict Guest Post

Recently wrote a guest post for one of my favorite forum administration forums, AdminAddict. In the post I talk about why adding a blog to your forum is a good idea and what benefits it can have for your forum. This ranges from more links [...]

Twitter has become a great source of traffic for quite a few websites, especially forums. In order to receive the maximum benefits from twitter you need as many natural followers as you can. Natural followers are followers that follow you at will and are not [...]