June 2010

Yep, that's right. I am pretty disappointed with the latest round of Wordpress. "Why?" you may ask. Well, I do appreciate the time and efforts that were put into the development; I can also say that it took a lot longer than I thought this [...]

Why Buy a VPS or Dedicated Server

When a forum gets too large it will soon become unusable and have a lot of lag to users who participate in the forum. With all the SQL query's being made and the server processing your php files it will really slow the forum down. [...]

As I set up the support forum for Successful Forum's Free Forum Hosting I suddenly realised I that I needed different plug-ins compared to my old forums to satisfy my needs.  So I sat down and wrote down what I wanted  and what my forum [...]

My SMX Advanced Day 1 Plans

If all goes well today I will be heading to SMX Advanced in Seattle this afternoon, my wife is not feeling to well now that we are down to days, not weeks for baby #3, so we will see. Although I only get the expo [...]

When starting an online community it's often debatable whether you should go alone or go in with a team of staff ready to work.  So to help you make up your mind I am going to list advantages of both sides to whether it's better [...]