March 2010

Methods To Stop Spam – Forum Edition

I always worry about spam and spammers when I first start a forum. Its probably because I have seen so many other webmasters fall victim to spamming. I myself do not support spamming or enjoy it at all. So, through my years of experience I [...]

Win Your Way to the Playboy Mansion

Epic Advertising/Azoogle Ads is having another contest to win a chance to go to the Playboy Mansion in August. It’s simple to enter. Write an essay of 250 words or less of why YOU should come with us to the greatest party of the year [...]

In my efforts to keep my 10 for 2010 going. I will be attending a TechFlashLive event on March 23rd: How to Make Money Online in 2010 and Beyond I'm looking forward to hearing what the panelist have to say. And where they think online [...] Update

Since returning from ASW10 in Las Vegas my main mission was to redesign and re-launch Well I am glad to say that I am entering the final stages of the re-launch. My original plan was to launch February 1st, but that was going to [...]

5 Activity Tips For Your Forum

Activity is the key aspect that attracts new members. If a visitor comes along and sees that last post was dated two weeks ago then the chances of the visitor joining your forum are zero to none. In this blog post I am going to [...]