February 2010

What is Forum SEO? Well it's just like any other SEO except you are focusing it on your forum. Search Engine Optimization is improving the quality of traffic from search engines i.e google to your forum. In this blog post I am going to name [...]

How To Make Money From Your Forum.

Once you have a decent amount of traffic and a decent memberbase you may feel it is time for you to start to cover your hosting costing for the month or make a profitable business. In this Blog post I am going to list 5 ways [...]

How To Create A Forum!

In my earlier posts I have mainly targeted existing forum administrators who already have their forum created and running. In this post I am going to explain to new administrators how to create a forum. There are three things you need to carry out this [...]

Where To Place Ads On Your Forum!

Ad placement can be a very picky thing.  We spend multiple hours a day trying to pick the best ad positions for our forum and sometimes it still fails us and we have to go back and spend more time on this matter.  Putting ads [...]

5 Killer Traffic Tips!

Getting traffic is a really hard task, something that takes a lot of time, patience and dedication but if you really stick to it you will make it happen.  You will find most of your traffic will come from the search engine but in this [...]