January 2010

Affiliate Summit West 2010 Day 1

I started out day one by hitting up a couple of sessions. First up was Effective Social Media Techniques. I was really disappointed in the session I picked up a couple of pointers, but nothing ground breaking. Brett Tabke of WebmasterWorld and the PubCon conference [...]

Affiliate Summit Day 0

I know it’s late, but been trying to get all my notes together for all my other post about the show. After an early flight to Las Vegas (left Seattle at 6 AM), I finally landed in and meet-up with David D Ochoa at the [...]

Details about the event: - Palms Casino Resort, 2nd floor - Jan 18th 6:00-9pm - Wes Mahler will talk candidly about: - Tracking202/Bloosky deal - The future of affiliate marketing - What to expect in the coming months Transportation: - Door-to-door service to the Meetup [...]

As I mentioned in my last blog post in order for a forum to take off it has to have many factors, one of the main factors is constantly updated quality content. It's those words again. I know, I know but they are the most [...]

A lot of web-masters pack in their boards simply because they don't see their members list filling up. People get demotivated and start to think they have took some wrong turns. Well I have got news for you, things are not so easy and these [...]