May 2009

Going to SMX Advanced Next Week

Next Tuesday and Wednesday I will be attending SMX Advanced in Seattle. I really like the way the changed some things up, this year they have some additional workshops that if you just get an expo pass (free until day of show) that you can [...]

Weigh-in Wednesday Week 3

This Memorial Day Weekend We headed to our cabin on Harstine Island and being that I wasn’t in my usual surroundings for a few days I really thought I was going to have a rough time, but I think I did pretty well. This week's [...]

Weigh-in Wednesday Week 2

Oh Mom! Manicotti? Really? This week has been a little rough, but I did alright. We had a lot going on this week, on Friday I had to a new shed down to our cabin, on Saturday I was at the Meetup202 Seattle, on Sunday [...]

AKA - Week 1 If you want to know what I mean, my buddy (Yes he still is), Shawn Collins, called me “Rich Seligman” in his latest Affiliate Fatblogging update. Anyway, this first week wasn’t too bad, I just had to get in the habit [...]

There has been a big push lately with the inaugural Affiliate Convention in Denver. I am wondering how many affiliates are attending. The organizers are talking roughly a 1000 affiliates are attending, but when I talk to my close affiliate friends they are uncertain if [...]