July 2008

Yep, I sure did. I posted on Shawn Collins’ blog and a couple of other places, as well on Twitter about upgrading and I said I didn’t have any issues, well big mistake. When I first upgraded I thought no biggie, but now I am [...]

My Prosper202 Experience Update

About 10 days ago I told you that I was going to give Propser202 another chance and this time everything is going very well. I have only had one little problem, that was fixed within a couple hours other than that it’s running smoothly. If [...]

Horrible Week Last Week

As some of you may have known my father was in the hospital all of last week with several different problems with his digestive system. He finally had surgery on Friday morning to help with his problems. I am happy to say that he is [...]

Right before the 4th of July Holiday I was doing some regular maintenance on one of my forums and discover that spammers are finding a new little way of spamming your forums without even posting a post or sending private messages. So what are they [...]

Giving Prosper202 One More Chance

After the last Seattle Affiliate Group Meet-up this past weekend. I talked with Steven Truong of Prosper202. While we were there I told him that I was going to give it another chance he let me know if I need any help. Later that evening [...]