June 2008

eComXpo Worth It?

The past few years I heard good and bad things about the eComXpo and for the past couple of years I have been busy or on vacation, but this year I thought I would go ahead and sign up and see what its like. There [...]

The next Seattle Area Affiliate Marketers Meet-up is scheduled for July 12th at 2:00 at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore at University Village. We had a great turn out for the first ever meet up and I would love to see another great turn out. [...]

New Office Set-up!

It's been a little busy around the house lately, first the kids just got out of school at the end of last week and one of the big things we did is bought all new office furniture for the office this weekend. Getting new furniture [...]

Creative Vado Winner!

I donated a prize of a Creative Vado Video Camera over at Trisha Lyn’s blog and she has picked a winner… It’s Jeremy Botter! So Congratulations to Jeremy. Your Creative Vado camera will be arriving soon. Make sure you send me your first video!

After upgrading to vBulletin 3.7.1 almost within 15 minutes I had 3 new sign-ups, all from .cn21.com names. So I could tell they were going to be spammers, so I banned them and their ip addresses. I thought that would be the end of it. [...]