May 2008

Today is my birthday! I can't believe I am turning the big 40. Seems like only yesterday I started drinking, well I was but for another reason. So how does that old saying go? "If I knew then, What I know now!" is feeling more [...]

What Accounting Software Do You Use?

Last week Neil from NeilsWeb asked on Twitter what affiliates and others are using for tracking their income and expenses. So I thought I would share what I use and a couple others affiliates use. Up until about 2 years ago I was using QuickBooks [...]

I have been working on so many projects lately, I am not sure where one ends and the other one begins. I had some of this post in my unpublished file in Wordpress and was going to finish this post about a week ago, but [...]

Getting it Done with Cold Calling

I had to call on a potential new advertising partner for one of my forums yesterday. I have never spoken to before, although I have talked to some of his co-workers before, but never to him personally. So hear are a couple of tips that [...]

My Truck vs. My Neighbor’s House

Well if you were following me on Twitter on Friday you would have heard about my 3 year old daughter getting into my truck and putting the truck into gear and rolling down our driveway, across the street, and smashing into my neighbor’s house. Luckily [...]