April 2008

Good News and Bad News from vBulletin

First the good news: vBulletin 3.7.0 'Gold' has been released, finally! There are tons on new features and improvements from 3.6. You can read more about it here vBulletin 3.7. Announcement Now for the bad news, although I still think for the price vBulletin is [...]

Last night I was watching the news were a Seattle man was sued for $10,000, that's right 10K for not leaving negative feed back, but neutral feedback. Steve Shellhorn was sued for $10,000 by an eBay seller who sold him some coins. Shellhorn bought some [...]

Some Misc. Ramblings 3/23/08

My first week Twitter Experience Well I was very skeptical, okay curious at first about joining Twitter, but so far its actually been pretty fun. There are a lot of the big bloggers and affiliate marketing names on there. I am only really following a [...]

I hear a lot of people talk about testing your landing pages and the like. This is great and highly recommended to do. But one thing most people don't talk about is all your links. Making sure your affiliate links, privacy policy and your disclosure [...]

Joining the Twitter revolution

After weeks of being very busy and starting a ton of new projects, I have finally jumped on the Twitter revolution. Reading all blog post and hearing from Sam Harrelson all about it, I thought there is no better time then the present to get [...]