March 2008

WordPress 2.5 is Released! Yes!!

I was so looking forward to this release. There are a tons of new and improved things, I can't wait to update, I will be doing that later today. One of the main reasons of holding off on installing my new theme I was waiting [...]

Some Misc. Ramblings 3-29-08

New Blog Theme Coming Soon! I have decided to update and change to a new blog theme. I am currently in the process of getting it in all in order and hope to launch it in the next week or two. This one is just [...]

It’s Good to be Live Again

Well last week was very stressful around my household. After being with my hosting company for around 2 years, I decided to give a new hosting company some of my business. Well that was a big mistake, I had nothing but problems that seem to [...]

Google Launches Ad Manager (Beta)

Google Ad Manager is a new solution to have your ads hosted; it’s very similar to OpenX, formally known as OpenAds and before that PhpAdsNew before their second round of funding this year. I love OpenX, knowing that it’s running on my server and I [...]

Family Jewels Episodes 1&2

I was a little disappointed in last night’s premiere of the show and the follow-up, although it had its moments. I remember hearing about Paul Stanley ends up going to the hospital because of his heart rate, that is the one thing I haven't figured [...]