December 2007

I Told Myself No More e-Books

I have spent a ton of cash on e-books and told myself I wouldn't buy anymore of them, but Rosalind Gardner had a birthday sale on her best selling book Super Affiliate Handbook, where you got the e-book version and the soft cover for only [...]

About 4 months ago I join an affiliate teaching forum where for only $10.00 a month you would get 5 landing pages and a list of keywords. I thought wow 5 landing pages for only $10.00 a month! To further make this a great deal, [...]

Rain Rain Go Away

I have had a few people call and e-mail me to see how we are doing with all the rain we have been having. We are doing just fine, no damage, no flooding around our neighborhood. I had to attend a funeral yesterday so I [...]

Remember a little while back I told you about Zac Johnson's contest about giving away a full conference pass to the Affiliate Summit Well, I won! Zac thanks so much! I am looking forward to going and meeting you and other affiliate marketers and can't [...]